Many Types of Treatments

While there are many treatment options and even more opinions on which treatment to consider, we at Preventive Pest Control keep it pretty simple. Our standard offering for subterranean termite control is liquid soil treatments using ‘non-repellant’ class termite control products. We have been using this class of material since 2000 and have had excellent results. We are successful due to the comprehensiveness of our initial inspection followed by our aggressive treatment tactics.

Sub Termite Treatments – The Big Picture

As you have probably learned or simply deduced from their name, subterranean termites live and reproduce in the soil. Due to this fact, management of these insects is achieved by intercepting and eliminating them as they transit from the soil into your home.

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What Product Then?

To achieve control, Preventive Pest Control will employ the use of SLOW ACTING, NON-REPELLENT termite control products. The first versions of these products made their appearance on the market in 1997. Initially there were very few product options available. Since that time however, exclusive patents on these products have expired and a wide range of generic (less expensive) but equally as effective brands have appeared. The four products we currently keep in our inventory are as follows.
Click on each to see the manufacturer’s label.

What We Use

That is a great question! Here is our transparent answer.

  1. Taurus SC is our first offering. This generic product uses the same active ingredient (Fipronil) as the Termidor products, but provides us with the best pricing to efficacy option.
  2. Termidor SC and 80WG are in our arsenal as recognized and marketed brand names. We are happy to use these products upon request, but clients will incur a slight upcharge over our standard price for using Taurus.
  3. Dominion 2L is for price conscious consumers and is the product often used to keep costs down on treatments required for real estate transactions.

What About Termite Baiting Systems?

Preventive Pest Control does not install or service termite baiting systems. We’ve tried them and we were not pleased with the performance, requirements, results and customer satisfaction associated with these products.

Basic Service Steps

No matter which product we choose, the treatment methodology is the same.

  1. Conduct a full inspection of the structure to determine termite activity areas as well as treatment challenges and cosmetic concerns.
  2. Draw up a full written plan along with pricing and warranty data.
  3. Educate the client as to the treatment details.
  4. Treat the full perimeter of the structure by trenching, drilling, rodding and treating.
  5. Treat at minimum the termite afflicted areas within the structure using various treatment tactics.

Treatment Gallery

Have a look at our picture gallery to see various stages of sub-termite treatment.