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Real Estate Termite Inspection

Thorough wood destroying insect and wood rot inspections are an important component of any real estate purchase. When a real estate transaction is in process, our experts go on-site and conduct a wood destroying insect inspection and report. Not only does this give you peace of mind when you’re considering the purchase of a new home, but it also has an added benefit: your new home will qualify for a one-year termite inspection protection (TIP) guarantee at no cost to you! This means if any wood insects are discovered infesting your home, we’ll perform the necessary treatments needed up to one year for FREE following the date of initial inspection! After the first year, you’ll be offered to continue termite coverage with us through our annual TIP plan! To learn more about our TIP plan, our real estate termite inspection, or to schedule a screening, give us a call today!

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the thoroughness of our real estate inspections that we offer a ONE-YEAR INSPECTION RESULTS GUARANTEE on qualifying homes. Go ahead, click on LEARN MORE, just above to read about this valuable offer.

“We continue to use Preventive because if we ever have a problem, we call them and they come back and take care of it.” This is the response we receive during quality assurance checks with our current clients. The bottom line is that our guarantees are our personal pledge to our clients to make things right. If we do a job for you, you expect it to have been completed in a successful manner. We look at our guarantees as an opportunity to show everyone how much we care. We say, “thanks for giving us the opportunity to make it right.”

How We Help You

Our first goal is always to seek understanding of the situation. We want to listen to your story and then we will want to do a thorough inspection of your entire home. Once we have our minds around the entire situation we then create a written and detailed treatment plan. From this plan we explain the process so that you may understand what will happen. Any questions or suggestions that you might have will be integrated into the solution so that the pest issue is solved in a manner that you are comfortable with.

Thorough inspection of your home is so critical that we must precede ant considered treatment with a comprehensive examination of all areas of your home. While you may have found termites in only one location, experience has taught us that we would be doing you a dis-service if we did not review the entire structure. Beyond looking for termites we are also interested in identifying any possible treatment challenges as well as any issues that might encourage wood pest infestation.
While there are many treatment options and even more opinions on which treatment to consider, we at Preventive Pest Control keep it pretty simple. Our standard offering for subterranean termite control is liquid soil treatments using ‘non-repellant’ class termite control products. We have been using this class of material since 2000 and have had excellent results. We are successful due to the comprehensiveness of our initial inspection followed by our aggressive treatment tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our years of experience we have run into some pretty common questions and have encountered some similar scenarios. We’ve been asked many different questions, below you will find the most commonly asked questions we encounter. To find a more comprehensive selection of questions please click the image above.

A Termite is defined as a small, pale soft-bodied insect that lives in large colonies with several different castes, typically within a mound of cemented earth. Many kinds feed on wood and can be highly destructive to trees and timber. The two types we encounter here are the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. The subterranean termite is the most common type and they live and breed in the soil. They are indigenous to New Mexico and enter your home via construction breaks and cracks. The drywood termite is less common and they live and breed in the wood they are infesting. They are not indigenous to New Mexico but have made their way here. Preventive Pest Control has expert knowledge on subterranean and drywood termites and is well-equipped to deal with both types.
Our success for termite control is 99% on the first attempt and 100% including all efforts. Sometimes it is hard to solve a termite issue, but if we follow all of the basic principles of scientific termite management it is an easy win.